Apply For A Grant

The National Winter Sports Education Foundation endeavors to find granting sources for Youth Service Organizations on the federal, regional and local level.

Any direct funding source will be connected with the Youth Service Organization and guidance will be provided for requesting the grant. Additionally, the NWSEF will secure sources of funding and provide grants to Youth Service Organizations in accordance with the following grant policies.

The NWSEF will consider requests for monetary grants from nonprofit organizations that manage programs in at least one of the following areas:

  • Children’s Physical Activity and Fitness programs performed outside in winter
  • Improving the Lives of Children and Youth in Need 
  • Improving the Lives of Disadvantaged Children and Youth 
  • Winter Sports programs that are sustainable

Requests for in-kind donations will be considered.


The NWSEF funds many programs across the USA. Each program has specific responsibilities beyond those required in the grant application. See below for each program.


Program Responsibilities

NWSEF Nordic Rocks

National Winter Sports Education Foundation

  • Provide direction to participants regarding grant requests and evaluation
  •   Evaluate each program annually
  • Provide a USSA Olympic athlete for each program
  • Provide collateral materials for advertising and PR
  • Provide medals for each gender in Gold/Silver/Bronze for annual races.

Central Cross Country Ski Association: 

  • Provide participating school with a full class set of step-in Nordic skis.
  • Provide participating school with a detailed age-appropriate lesson plans.
  • Connect participating school with a partner club from the local area for mentorship, support and pathway to club participation.
  • Connect participating school with volunteers from partner club to be the “go to” contact for participating PE teachers.
  • Provide “How to” guide for “Snow Kidz” event as a last session of the program with games outlined in curriculum. 

Participating Schools:

  • Weather permitting, PE teachers or school coordinators will implement the “Nordic Rocks” program, aiming to be on skis for a minimum of 8 sessions per student through PE class and/or recess and/or after school program or other class period.
  • Weather permitting, PE teachers or school coordinators will implement a fun “Snow Kidz” event as a last session of the program with games outlined in curriculum.
  • PE teachers will meet with Club Partners for training sessions prior to the first session on snow.
  • Participating schools will store the skis supplied by the “Nordic Rocks” program.
  • Participating schools will document and report on participation at the end of the program.

Local Partner Organization:

  • Provide Volunteers (2) to mentor the participating school’s PE instructors and staff. 
  • Provide participation/opportunity materials to the school for recruitment and introduction of students to the partner club.
  • Provide ability level appropriate training/programming for children from the “Nordic Rocks” program who wish to expand involvement past in-school activities.
  • Provide necessary assistance with equipment adjustments/repair and with program implementation.